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► The ordered products are delivered across the Bulgaria via Speedy courier company ( to the address of the customer (or to the courier's office, on your choice).

► Free shipping is automatically applied to orders over 95 BGN (incl. VAT).

► The cost of delivery depends on the weight of the goods; delivery costs will be at the expense of the customer and not included in the price of goods.

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Price, BGN

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 от 3kg до 3.99kg


 от 4kg до 4.99kg


 от 5kg до 5.99kg


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 от 8kg до 8.99kg


 от 9kg до 9.99kg


► The deadlines depend on the service area of the courier company. Normal delivery time is within 2 to 7 business days for the territory of Bulgaria.

► If you want the delivery to the Speedy office, please fill in the Comment field. Price for delivery to the office will be an example to 10% cheaper than the prices listed above.

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